JudulJASA EKOSISTEM DI KAWASAN TAMAN BURU LANDUSA TOMATA (Studi Kasus Jasa Air Bagi Masyarakat Kecamatan Mori Utara)
Tahun: 2023
One of the forest areas that has the potential to meet the community's water needs is the TB Landusa Tomata area. This research aims find out how much the value of ecosystem services is contained in the Landusa Tomata TB area for the surrounding community. This research was carried out from October to December 2022, taking place in the TB Landusa Tomata area and North Mori Sub-District, North Morowali District. The research method used quantitative approach with the main method being field observations interviews and direct measurements. Based on the research results, it was found that domestic water needs were 129,377.90 m³/year, and irrigation water needs were 45,317,232 m³/year. Meanwhile, the water potential in the TB Landusa Tomata area is 90,174,892.96 m³/year. As well as the value of fulfilling the community's water needs of 44,728,283.1 m³/year with the status of surplus water conditions. The relationship between the water potential of the TB Landusa Tomata area and the water needs of the community around the area is positive. Where the effect value is 99.9% with the regression equation Y= 7,996,013.870 + 1.456x. Furthermore, the economic value of the TB Landusa Tomata area is Rp. 171,904,907,194 /year.

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